Mourn the lost but, continue!

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Today I mourn those who I’ve never met my solidarity is beyond the grave beyond me   bless those in 1492 and those who struggle today to live   may we mourn all the turkeys lost for just a simple food may the turkey’s waddle and gobble each and every day and live in peace […]

Violent Partisanship in All Unjust & Oppresssive Hierarchy

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We claim to be equal Yet history shows the opposite   Who’s Vote Counts? Who’s Life Matters? Are we even standing on equal ground?   “I wanted to point out the tradition of violence, partisan violence, specifically partisan violence, in this country. And people don’t know that in the 1850s the American Party, better known as the Know-Nothings, eliminated […]

Why Vote?

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Voting is useless  It’s not a matter of who’ll win for me It’s a matter of who’s easier to overthrow    The criticisms of voting within the 20th century and beyond are outdated….   There will be no ‘Green New Deal’   I vote to make liberals be quiet  To realize the uselessness of their […]

Non-hierarchical Art

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Non-hierarchical Art

During this quarantine I have done small art projects at school. These projects most often tend to express my politics and the interconnected web of factors that make me.   I’ll still write poems and post…whenever I have the ideas of writing and creating again.   I hope everyone is staying safe   [my favorite […]

An Analysis on Cointelpro & 60’s Berkeley

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Cointelpro & 60’s Berkeley When the black man is shot it is plastered all over the news and painted consistently as ‘thugs’, ‘violent criminals’, ‘outside agitators’, etc. Names slapped onto creatures without question….because when a black man is shot at point-blank range by police is immediately justified, while communities all over mourn and touch the […]

Against All Policing [Zine/PDF]

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Against All Policing Zine This zine took me 3 months to make so….I hope you enjoy!!!!  


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for now i must rest i feel burned out…and stressed   but, i will not disappear i refuse to leave i will continue to plant seeds   of solidarity love education & growth   because in order for a garden to grow   you must give it some rest   shower it in droplets of […]

Email Thoughts

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what am I? why am I here? This world can feel so dark and scary… Wars unending creatures dying at the hands of others I despise the concept of humanity so I ditched it as I reclaim the label of ‘sub-human’ to use it as my own label of liberation! “there’s a way out but, its not on our own” – Ramshackle Glory

zine 4 pride

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Pride Magazine I hope this pride was beautiful for you…because it was for me…may we keep on fighting for a better world for all!

Why I love my comrades…a letter from my heart & soul

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  “To avoid misunderstanding, we feel it necessary to remark that what we call the people’s ideal has nothing to do with those political and social constructs, formulas, and theories which bourgeois scholars or semi-scholars devise at their leisure, in isolation from popular life, and graciously offer to the ignorant crowd as the necessary form of their […]


This duck wants to remind you that despite all the bad stuff in the world. Things can and will get better