Why Vote?

October 3rd, 2020  |  Published in General

Voting is useless 

It’s not a matter of who’ll win for me

It’s a matter of who’s easier to overthrow 


The criticisms of voting within the 20th century and beyond are outdated….


There will be no ‘Green New Deal


I vote to make liberals be quiet 

To realize the uselessness of their institutions 


“Power is derived from one’s ability to make others act on their behalf. The military, infrastructure, resource collection, laws, and so on are what make a society work. And as such a ruler must gain the favor of those who control these vital systems. In dictatorships the number of people who control vital systems is few, in representative ‘democracies’ it is many, with a wide range in between. No matter the number, those who control these vital systems which make society run are the ones that hold power.”


Power will corrupt anyone who wields it

So I’d rather vote for someone who’ll never wield it to begin with


This system has failed 


Liberals always say to ‘vote your conscious’ but, their hypocrisy of ‘vote blue no matter who’ is more apparent now than ever!


But, as Pat the Bunny once said:


“So vote November 2nd if it seems right to you

Or don’t vote if you think it just holds us down

Just tell me what we’re gonna do on 

November 3rd

To make sure there’s no government left to elect two years from now”

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