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Tucutes: Against the Genderist-Medical Nightmare of Truscum

February 29th, 2020 by story4sabotabby | No Comments

An argument by  Story   Introduction This is an issue that most likely won’t be the interest of many but, will affect a lot of vulnerable transgender people (including myself). I want to start this essay by stressing the fact that I am not a doctor but, that I have enough lived experience In the […]

Love In a neccesary revolution (Manifesto)

February 14th, 2020 by story4sabotabby | Comments Off on Love In a neccesary revolution (Manifesto)

Love in a Necessary Revolution A Manifesto by Story    Introduction Hello my name is Story (as my title presents) I am a 16 year old digital anarcho-syndicalist (I go by Ze/Hir/Hirs pronouns) to give you some background on who I am:  I am a QTPOC (queer trans person of color) whom’st has at least […]


This duck wants to remind you that despite all the bad stuff in the world. Things can and will get better