Violent Partisanship in All Unjust & Oppresssive Hierarchy

October 21st, 2020  |  Published in General

We claim to be equal

Yet history shows the opposite


Who’s Vote Counts?

Who’s Life Matters?

Are we even standing on equal ground?


“I wanted to point out the tradition of violence, partisan violence, specifically partisan violence, in this country.

And people don’t know that in the 1850s the American Party, better known as the Know-Nothings, eliminated entire populations from voting contention. People just knew that if you came out to vote, you would be attacked.” – Jelani Cobb on Democracy Now, 10/20/2020


This is supposedly the “Land of the Free”

and yet broken treaties remain


The Democratic Party has made a clear stance on how they feel:

It sues to keep diverse choices off ballots

along with defending the status quo as extreme centrists

While a raging turf war persists on progressives’ and centrists


Reformism will not solve these dire issues

Like “Anarcho”-Capitalists attempting to kidnap governors


Vote so liberals can’t scapegoat non-voters

Presidents do performative stunts to win elections

Clinton lost because she didn’t play the card well


In fact neither of them did


The attention economy influences our choices

whoever gets the most eyes to view them wins

and inequality is a natural part the system


Vote to prove that scapegoating the most vulnerable won’t work by taking 5 minuets to mail in a ballot

and do 365 days of direct action after that 

for real change

and for a better world





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