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  Poetry by Story 4/28/20   (FYI: my views are subject to change and are not permanent as I am imperfect like all things)    I do agree That voting on its own can’t start a revolution   “Everything and anything can be revolutionary. The most insignificant tool can begin an insurrection. Anything that is […]

Song of an Antifa-Archivist

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By Story April 25,2020 (This song’s rhythm is up to whatever you feel suits it best)   I always search around the internet and everywhere I go Just to find little pockets of resistance to oppression! Even  when things seem darkened in the night  All I know is that these stars around me guide me […]

Dreams and Love @ the End of Time

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Multi-genre paper by Story 4/17/20 –  4/19/20   “They’re killing all the concepts Are you willing to risk it all They’re killing all the concepts  Are you willing to risk it all?” thanks for coming, a different box   1: A Rant from an Angry Femmeby Anarchist with love, rage, & Mutual Aid   I’m […]


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A parody ish-counter poem to the LGB Alliance and similar separatist movements  4/20/20 absurdist-syndicalist-specifist-freelove-unionism aka: ASSFULL Click these links if you want to but, FYI they contain very triggering content      We’re queers who bash back!  Who cum, scream, cry and laugh   With cuddles and kisses of affection      As we consensually hold each others […]

Entries of Revolt #2

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By Story The idea that people cannot fathom the fact that the media owned by corporations moves America farther right baffles me. During WW2 we had the fight regarding Relative Truth vs Absolute Truth, truth as the Trumpists view it is absolute, it can be magically created out of thin-air without being subjected to checks […]

On Science

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Poetry by Story 4/16/20 “It is only those who do nothing who makes no mistake.” ― Pyotr Kropotkin [1]   “Be strong. Overflow with emotional and intellectual energy, and you will spread your intelligence, your love, your energy of action broadcast among others! This is what all moral teaching comes to.”   ― Pyotr Kropotkin […]

Data & Information

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The interconnected business of oppression  by Story 3/11/20 – 3/14/20   1: Tracked without consent, no action against threats!   Currently, we live a time where every single step we make (including every keystroke that I am typing right now) is being tracked by the government [1], by the school system [2] [3], and by […]

Against Americanism

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Poetry by Story 4/10/20   Americanism A fascists American spirit It’s a center-right nation But, history shows a different story In the last 2 decades Americanism gained power Creating deadlier methods to carry forward Spreading misinformation, scams, and trying to kill & acceptance from the people that lack ability to challenge such an atrocity!   […]

Unions and Especefismo

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Unions and Especefismo

An anarchist reflection on the Inevitable demise of the 2020 Sanders Campaign and what the future holds Poetry by Story  4/9/20 Para las personas  Quien tienen la fuerza para influencia: políticamente, económicamente, y socialmente ese 1% A ellos, No se importa que pasa a los 99%    If you die, cry, or miss a day […]

Contradictions of the State

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By Story  4/2/20 The Declaration of Independence says that human beings have the right to overthrow or alter the government if their rights are infringed upon.   Yet, the citizens of this despicable nation have gotten into positions of power to destroy such a right by so-called laws   Such a contradiction is that of […]


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