An Analysis on Cointelpro & 60’s Berkeley

August 17th, 2020  |  Published in General

Cointelpro & 60’s Berkeley

When the black man is shot it is plastered all over the news and painted consistently as ‘thugs’, ‘violent criminals’, ‘outside agitators’, etc. Names slapped onto creatures without question….because when a black man is shot at point-blank range by police is immediately justified, while communities all over mourn and touch the sky….when will people learn that when the government of which we never consented to be ruled over criminalizes black skin and black power that they will inevitably pave the way to criminalize brown skin and brown power? So that white supremacy rules with an iron fist….


Why is it that women of all skin colors and abilities have been birthed to be slaves to houses and to empty jobs with meaningless wages, do not and cannot fathom that when governments and their bodies alike will push to police the corpses of transgender people and not realize that they’re next in line? When a doctor denies a transgender man his testosterone, his bottom surgery, his own autonomy to create and identify himself….what makes you think that they won’t take away your right to abortion, your necessary birth control, your right to identify yourself as a woman?


Within the 1960s we called for the abolition of police and the destruction of the jailhouses that rule us….and yet 60 years later we are asking for the exact same demands with more disasters added to our already full plate!


Your reforms are useless…only a symbolic gesture….because when a protester gets beaten and manhandled by an officer on Black Lives Matter Plaza Northwest it proves that your only goal is to further an illusion of change and maintain the status quo which got us here in the first place…history repeats and rhymes with the exact same crimes…the only difference is that its seen by all through phone screens and with new faces


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