May 27th, 2020  |  Published in General

I pre-registered to vote @ 16
what is this world?
Republicans will fight tooth and nail to not allow people to vote
Regardless of who they are

Even when they are hypocritical

or Confusing

They do the same thing that they claim is ‘rigged


The Electoral System  and voting

and as I mentioned earlier


The choice comes down to me as an ecosystem


Voting on its own will never start an insurrection

but, its a start


What is more important?
365 days of direct action


A couple of hours to cast a ballot


My answer is: Why not do both?


The system is useless

it only gives me the illusion of choice

so I’ll feed it a poisoned ballot

and do 365 days of direct action behind its back

as the nail in the coffin slams in the form of a poisoned ballot

Those 365  days will add more pain and poison 

so that the system can fade away…


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