Riot Around: A Journal

May 31st, 2020  |  Published in General

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Entry: #1


“History doesn’t repeat itself but it often rhymes”




Riots are happening now from Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Louisville, and all over the stolen land that we dare call the “u.s.a.” I live within the 4 occupied lands of the  Micqanaqa’n, Chumash, Tongva, and Fernandeño Tataviam tribes. 


These riots (if people were paying attention) aren’t surprising to the people who are on the front lines of a global pandemic and possible education crisis


The Boogaloo Bois are trying to start a Civil War/RaHoWa


If I could explain what I am feeling other than this short entry

Let these quotes from an Intercept article explain:


“‘They call for training, but are they doing the training, and is the training being internalized?’ said Moriah Stephens, a special education teacher, as she stood near a highway overpass in St. Louis Park, the suburb where Floyd had lived, waving as passing cars honked in support.”


“I’m tired of being angry, and I’m tired of being tired, and I’m tired of seeing new hashtags,” she added, referring to a recent wave of police killings and other racist incidents across the country. “I’m lucky I’m alive. I can stand here. I can shout. There’s part of me that’s like, I need to use what I have — I have my life and I need to use it, but I’m also tired of doing that.”




I am angry because I risk losing some of the most amazing comrades in my life….I risk the loss of the same individuals who have helped me deconstruct (still in progress) the anti-blackness that I have internalized because of the lack of confrontation….

I risk losing my friends, sisters, and brothers of color in the trans community every day…. and I would do whatever I could to stop it from continuing to By Any Means Necessary.


“Ellos dicen que no valemos un carajo

Pero durante tiempos de desesperación, de guerra

Siempre golpean en las puertas nuestras

Ellos piensan que la sangre nuestra no vale para nada

Y perdemos la vida de los chicos que creen las mentiras

Creen que pelean para la patria y se gastan su vida

Creen que pelean para proteger lo que es nuestro


Nosotros no somos dueño de nada, son ellos los que mandan”




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