May 17th, 2020  |  Published in General

May 17,2020

by Story


i document myself 

my absurd existence 

and my changes no matter how uncomfortable they seem

because that shows my history


ink sent me a package 

filled with beautiful things 

“We made our own postal system across the continent
As long as freight trains run and loners pick up dreamers with thumbs, who needs governments
To get a letter to you, or a mixtape to me, or a postcard to Johnstown?
What’s a thousand miles between friends? What’s a friend that’s not worth crossing a country?”

Pat the Bunny 


he’s sweet



& so many other amazing things 

i love him platonically and in different complex ways 

just like all the other lovers in my lives that I cherish everyday 


Eva has sprouted a beautiful flower to cuddle and enjoy 

love is possible for all beings human and

non-human can find


“There’s a way out

there a way out

there a way out but,

it’s not on our own”

Ramshackle Glory


those words are true 

and in our hearts and personal history books 

we will all in the end find nights of love after days of war…..


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This duck wants to remind you that despite all the bad stuff in the world. Things can and will get better